What Ages Your Face in Jacksonville, FL?

Skin Care Products in Jacksonville, FLWe often consider cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of aging. We want to know why we age the way we do, and really that’s a complicated question to answer. Let’s talk about some of the reasons we look the way we do as we get older.

Biological Factors

Biological factors include our genetic makeup and body chemistry. These things have an effect on our skin and the muscles underneath.


Our genetics probably play the biggest part in our aging process. Dr. Phillip Garcia believes that the way we age is closely related to the way our relatives age. If you want to get a general idea of how you will look as you get older, consider looking at your parents and the changes in their faces. Our genetics are not something we can change, but they can be a good indicator of the things we may want to change with the help of cosmetic surgery.


Health also plays a large role in the way we age. The healthier you are, the better your skin and muscles hold up over time. You can achieve healthy skin and age gracefully by sticking to a regular skincare regimen with products specifically for your skin type. Having medical conditions may affect the way you age. Medical conditions are not something that you can help, but maybe something to consider when thinking about how your skin and facial muscles change over time.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors that affect our age are based on our lifestyle. This includes where and how we spend our time throughout our lives.


Our lifestyles and the way we live day-to-day have a lot to do with the way we age. Smoking cigarettes, staying out in the sun without sunscreen, and using tanning beds can affect the way we age. Smoking doesn’t only affect our insides, it has detrimental effects on our outward appearance as well. The act of smoking leaves black tar in your pores, increases wrinkles around the mouth, and decreases elasticity of the skin. Gaining and losing weight can add to the loss of volume in the face and cause sagging and wrinkles to appear. Also, what you eat has an affect on the health of the skin. Sugar can cause breakouts, which can result in poor texture of the skin. Vegetables, fruits, and other nutrient-rich foods help keep your skin in a good condition.

Combatting the Aging Process

Aging may feel like a never-ending battle, but there are ways we can help prevent and minimize the appearance of aging. With a healthy diet, regular exercise and taking care of your skin, you can maintain your youthful appearance and ward off any extreme signs of aging. Cosmetic procedures can give you an anti-aging boost, but it’s ultimately up to you to maintain your health to maintain your appearance.

To learn more about combatting your signs of aging based on your biological and environmental factors, contact us to schedule your consultation today.


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