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Facial Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

Just Faces: A Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery was written with the intention of serving as a guide for anyone considering facial plastic surgery or any other services offered at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. It is designed to help patients and family members through the process. We strongly encourage you to read the book prior to your consultation as we believe the more informed you are, the more fulfilling the consultation and the entire process will be. We would like you to remember a very important fact: This book contains preoperative and postoperative instructions that must be followed meticulously. Our techniques and procedures have been proven to be very powerful in addressing face, neck, and other problem areas. However, the care that you take of your body in the preoperative phase, as well as the steadfastness with which you follow our postoperative instructions will greatly affect the quality and duration of your results. We have found that patients who follow our instructions have a shorter recovery time and better results.

Please enjoy this book and use it to answer questions, and perhaps, dispel some myths about our specialty. It is our sincerest hope that this book will serve as the gateway to a long, happy relationship with our patients.

Dr. Garcia’s special interests include rhinoplasty (nasal surgery), as well as surgery of the aging face. He has published numerous papers and has presented several research topics at international meetings.

Dr. Garcia is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery.

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Purpose of this Book

To provide humanity with the highest standard of medicine and facial plastic/reconstructive surgery through an unrelenting commitment to excellence, education and superiority in the quality of healthcare.

Our Commitment

Do not hire a man who works for money,
but him who does it for love of it.
-Henry David Thoreau

At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we are committed to improving not only our patients’ physical appearance but most importantly, their self-esteem. Our staff is committed to providing the best surgical, as well as non-surgical, options to all of our patients. We aim to establish an internationally-recognized center for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery that both educates our patients, as well as other members of the medical community. We do this by striving for the best results.

Treating the Inside

How many times have you walked past a mirror without looking into it?

As facial plastic surgeons, we know that one must feel good about oneself in order to be able to look into that mirror and for their life to have more meaning. Some patients do not have the self-esteem they once had because of aging, while others never had self- esteem because of a prominent facial feature. Our goal is to help patients possess the self-esteem necessary to look in the mirror, to talk to people, to seek a new job, to attend a class reunion or to sleep more comfortably at night. We intend to improve your emotional well-being, whether it is through surgery, minimally invasive procedures, skin texturing or simply by talking to us.

Treating the Outside

For our patients to have the best possible results, several important facts must first be discussed. First, the patient must have realistic expectations. With surgery of the aging face, for example, we attempt to rejuvenate and not transform. Our goal is to “turn the clock back” and give the face a refreshed, spirited look.

Secondly, the patient must understand the concept of facial harmony. For example, patients that have a certain prominent facial feature, such as a large nose, protruding ears or a small chin, are in need of better facial balance. Aesthetic facial surgery deals with placing facial features into accepted, proportional balance that brings the face into harmony and draws attention to other more attractive features, such as the eyes. All of this is done with careful planning and with the meticulous execution of surgeries that are individually designed for each patient.

The Natural Look

Plastic surgery of the face should re-establish youth, not alter it. You have probably looked in the mirror on several occasions and wondered where that person is you knew several years ago. The natural look establishes just that. We aim to “turn the clock back” 10 to 15 years. We understand that you do not want to be somebody different, but just somebody younger. As stated earlier, the most common comments that our patients receive include that they look refreshed, like they have been on vacation or that they have lost some weight. Most often, the casual observer cannot tell what appears different about our patients, but that there is something that is pleasing.

The Maintenance Program

The maintenance program is one that patients generally begin when the signs of aging are first noticed. This program does not result in large changes but small, incremental ones that allow the patient to feel like he or she is not aging. This program is usually suited for our patients that want to look refreshed without having to go through a rigorous recovery period. These procedures, which can range from simple skin care, minimally invasive laser procedures, eyelid or brow tucks, and mini-lifts, will serve to have someone look refreshed.

The added advantage of the maintenance program is that one can delay the need for more extensive procedures.