Plastic Surgery Financing

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to work with you to help you achieve the appearance you are seeking. We are your partner on your path to self-improvement and enhanced self-confidence. We fully appreciate that paying for a procedure’s costs can be a great financial burden, which is why we provide financing via CareCredit® to lighten your burden and make your procedure more affordable.

Please contact our office if you should have any questions or concerns regarding financing.

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery CareCredit® Financing

One way Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery helps make patient care more affordable is by offering CareCredit®. Participants receive a credit card to help them better manage out-of-pocket expenses related to their health care. CareCredit® offers monthly payment options that are convenient and have no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties.

If you use CareCredit®, you will enjoy low monthly premiums. You may use your card multiple times to cover expenses related to additional procedures and follow-up appointments.

The chief benefit of CareCredit® is that you can undergo your procedure once you’re approved. You no longer must delay your treatment to wait and save money; you get to decide when you are ready for your procedure.
CareCredit® benefits include:

  • Low-interest rates based upon your underlying credit score
  • No annual fees
  • Easy application process and quick approval times
  • Works with multiple health care providers

Are you ready to move forward with scheduling your procedure today? ALPHAEON CREDIT offers a wide array of monthly payment options to help you reach your beauty goals. With special financing options that are not always available with other credit cards, ALPHAEON CREDIT card may be the option best for you (can we reword to the best option for you).

With Alphaeon Credit, you can:

  • Enjoy low minimum monthly payments with flexible terms.
  • Pay no up-front costs with no pre-payment penalties.

Apply online using this link or contact Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery for additional information or to schedule your consultation: (904 )203-8282 /