Brow Lift in Jacksonville, FL

Conveniently located in Jacksonville, Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Phillip Garcia, offers brow lifts for men and women residing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, Lakeside and nearby areas in North Florida. The brow lift, or forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that rejuvenates the forehead area by smoothing the skin on the forehead and elevating the eyebrows. This procedure corrects drooping eyebrows and eliminates hooding over the eyes, frown lines, and forehead furrows, also known as worry lines.

What Is A Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery or forehead lift surgery is the operation that repositions the eyebrows in a more attractive and youthful place so that more attention is drawn to the eyes. The operation moves the eyebrows and lifts them into a position that is interpreted by others as more youthful. That is, the eyebrows are given an arch that is subtle and elegant.

  • Our procedures promote a natural, youthful forehead and eye line, not a “surprised appearance”
  • The upper part of your face will fall into harmony with the surrounding parts of your face

View a selection of real patient results in our Brow Lift Before and After gallery.

Will My Brow Lift Be Covered By Insurance?

Cosmetic operations are not covered by insurance. If your brow has fallen due to a medical condition such as facial paralysis, insurance may help with the cost of the procedure.

How Much Does A Brow Lift Cost in Jacksonville, FL?

The cost of a brow lift varies with the type of approach that is used during the procedure. If associated with another procedure, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, the cost may be less than if performed alone. Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery makes plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available to all our patients by providing easy financing options and accepting cash, major credit cards and personal checks for brow lifts. To find out more about the cost of a brow lift, contact Jacksonville plastic surgeon Phillip Garcia for a consultation.

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Almost any adult who wishes to rejuvenate the appearance of their forehead and eyebrows may be an excellent candidate for a brow lift. All potential patients must be in overall good health and have realistic expectations about the surgery.

Am I A Candidate For The “Scarless” Or Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery?

Most people who have a hairline that is not too high and do not have eyebrows that are very low are good candidates for the endoscopic brow lift operation.

What Will Happen During A Consultation For A Brow Lift?

Dr. Garcia will closely assess your medical history to ensure that there are no issues that may affect your desired results. He will also explain how the brow lift procedure is done, as well as the risks associated with the procedure and how you should prepare for your surgery.

What Type Of Anesthesia Will I Receive For My Brow Lift?

The brow lift operation is performed under local twilight anesthesia. You will remember and feel nothing during your operation.

How Are Brow Lifts Performed?

Brow lift surgery is usually performed in combination with other procedures, such as facelift, neck lift or eyelid surgery.

There are several options regarding the location of the incisions during the forehead lift. Our double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Phillip Garcia, offers the endoscopic brow lift to his patients that have mild to moderate descent of their brow position and a normal hairline position. The endoscopic brow lift is performed by making four small (one inch) incisions behind the hairline.

Another popular and very effective brow lift technique offered to our patients allows the hairline to be advanced forward and raises the eyebrows at the same time. This more traditional forehead lift technique is performed in such a way as to actually allow the hair to grow through the incision so that ultimately it is barely perceptible.

How Long Is The Surgery For A Brow Lift?

The brow lift is a simple and safe procedure that is typically performed in about 60 minutes, although some surgeries may take up to two hours.

Where Are The Incisions Located For A Brow Lift?

The incisions for an endoscopic brow lift are made within the hairline (four in total) and measure about one inch each. Other incisions can be made at the edge of the hairline or within the hairline. Jacksonville plastic surgeon Phillip Garcia will ensure that your brow lift surgery incisions are appropriate for your needs and concerns and allow for the best brow lift results possible.

Will I Have Scars After My Forehead Lift?

One of the advantages of this procedure is that almost all of the incisions required for a brow lift are hidden by the patient’s hairline.

Where Will I Stay After My Brow Lift Surgery?

Once your brow lift surgery is completed, you will be taken to one of our recovery cottages, where you will have a certified caregiver stay with you all night. The caregiver will help feed you and help you get around, among other things. One of your family members is welcome to stay at the recovery cottage.

What Should I Expect Of The Recovery After My Brow Lift?

You will be able to see results immediately after brow lift surgery. You will have minimal swelling and bruising that will subside in roughly five days. On the seventh day after surgery, your sutures are removed, and two days later, you are allowed to apply makeup directly on any incision lines to cover bruising.

Normal physical activity can resume at two weeks.

Is There Pain After Brow Lift Surgery?

No. Brow lift surgery is not painful. At worst, you may feel a very small amount of tightness and swelling for a few days after the procedure, but this will subside as your swelling goes down.

Will I Look “Surprised” After My Brow Lift Surgery?

The goal of brow lift surgery is to restore a youthful and elegant arch to your eyebrows while raising their position in a natural way. Remember, the goal as with all of our operations is to make you look younger and well-rested, not unnatural. Jacksonville cosmetic surgery doctor Phillip Garcia is a specialist in brow lift surgery.

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery is the leading facial plastic surgery center on the First Coast. As a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, specializing solely in cosmetic facial procedures, Dr. Phillip Garcia provides his North Florida patients with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on brow lifts or to schedule a consultation at our convenient location in Jacksonville (Town Center), please contact us today.