Melasma Therapy with PRF in Jacksonville, FL

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition that effects that causes brown patches. It is often seen on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and above the upper lip. People with darker skin, such as Latin/Hispanic, African American, Indian and Middle Eastern are more likely to get melasma. Melasma also often shows up among pregnant women. It also shows up with people with hypothyroid and copper toxicity.

What is Melasma Therapy?

Because melasma is a chronic condition, we cannot cure it, but simply help it. Melasma Therapy is different with each person. We first have to find the root cause of the melasma and treat the patient according to the reason for the melasma. Melasma Therapy is often a process of a combining microneedling with PRF and chemical peels. This pushes the pigment from the melasma up and out. Microneedling with PRF creates a tilling effect on the surface of the skin, to be able to push the product of the PRF in. By combining this microneedling with the chemical peel, we lighten the pigment all the while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size!

Who is a Candidate for Melasma Therapy?

Everyone! Even the people who don’t have melasma can benefit from melasma therapy. Melasma therapy is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy, which is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, creating collagen.