Otoplasty Before and After Pictures in Jacksonville, FL

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified facial reconstructive and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Garcia, serves the people of North Florida with a full range of facial plastic surgery procedures for men and women in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, and Lakeside.

All of the images that you see on this page are from actual otoplasty procedures performed at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. We have included real photographs of real procedures with no manipulations, alterations or adjustments so that you can see the realistic benefits of the otoplasty services that Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery offers.

With multiple locations in the greater Jacksonville area, Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery offers a full complement of contouring surgical and non-surgical procedures for improving, fixing, and augmenting areas of the face.

The medical term “otoplasty” refers to a surgical operation that reshapes and repositions the ears. Many people have ears that stick out or are oddly positioned in a way that may be embarrassing. An otoplasty or “ear job” is a cosmetic procedure that contours the ear cartilage to safely reposition the ears to be closer to the head and look more attractive.

An otoplasty is a safe and virtually pain-free procedure that can be performed on children age six and up. The otoplasty works by subtly reshaping the cartilage in the ears to re-align them into a more aesthetically pleasing position closer to the head.

By the time a child reaches the age of six, the ears have achieved about 90 to 95% of their final size. Because of this fact, the otoplasty procedure can be considered when a child reaches this age. Otoplasty procedures can also be safely performed on adolescents or adults who want to reposition the angle of their ears.