Male Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

Plastic surgery has become a real game-changer for men in recent years. No longer just for women, men too are now reaping the social and emotional benefits that come with plastic surgery. Whether you want to make a subtle change or remove a bump on your nose, options are available to make you feel as young and confident, as you deserve. Double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Phillip Garcia is here to help. With a convenient location serving Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, Lakeside and surrounding communities, Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery is the go-to clinic for men in North Florida.

What Is Male Plastic Surgery?

Since men have a different physiology than women, plastic surgery for men has become a specialty area that addresses men’s specific needs. Male plastic surgery considers a man’s more masculine appearance, thicker skin and muscles, hairline, beard line, ear position and more.

Is Plastic Surgery for Men Covered By Insurance?

Reconstructive surgery due to accidents and health-related conditions requiring plastic surgery may be covered by your health insurance. Cosmetic procedures are typically not covered because they are considered elective. The best way to determine your coverage is by contacting your insurance company.  Be sure to provide your insurance representative with detailed information about your procedure and why you are undergoing it.

How Much Does A Plastic Surgery for Men Cost in Jacksonville?

The cost of your male plastic surgery procedure will be based on your specific requirements. During your initial consultation, the staff at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery will review all available payment options, including financing. Because we want to make quality plastic surgery for men available, we will work with you to ensure that your procedure is as affordable as possible. Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery accepts cash, major credit cards, and personal checks.

What are Benefits of Male Plastic Surgery?

Men who have had plastic surgery enjoy numerous physical and emotional benefits including:

  • Looking younger
  • Feeling more confident
  • Getting fast results
  • Having long-lasting or permanent improvements

Who Makes A Good Candidate For Male Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery for men may be a good option if you need reconstructive surgery, have always wanted to change something about the way you look or simply are not aging as well as you would like. As with any surgical procedure, patients with reasonable expectations and positive attitudes tend to achieve the best results.

What Types of Male Plastic Surgery are Offered?

At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Phillip Garcia, offers the following types of plastic surgery for men:

What Can I Expect During my First Male Plastic Surgery Visit?

Your initial visit will be a consultation. When you meet Dr. Garcia, you will have the opportunity to discuss your areas of concern and desired results. Dr. Garcia will give his recommendations, and a collaborative treatment plan will be designed to meet your personal needs.

Why Choose Dr. Phillip Garcia for Male Plastic Surgery?

A graduate of University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Phillip Garcia has been performing plastic surgery on men for over 21 years. Dedicated to serving his patients with professionalism and respect, Dr. Garcia’s greatest achievement is helping you look your best. Because Dr. Phillip Garcia routinely works with men, he knows exactly “how much to do” to give his male patients a natural result.

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery is the leading facial plastic surgery center on the First Coast. As a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, specializing solely in cosmetic facial procedures, Dr. Phillip Garcia provides his North Florida patients with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on male plastic surgery or to schedule a consultation at our convenient location in Jacksonville (Town Center), please contact us today.