Facts About Facial Implants

Cheek Implants in Jacksonville, FL

Our face is often what makes a first impression in both professional and personal settings, so it only makes sense that we would want to feel good about how we look. Whether due to age or natural build, you may have found that your face is not as full as you would like. If this is the case, then facial implants may be the solution. At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer both cheek and chin implants, depending on your body’s unique needs. Here are a few facts you should know:

Implants are Made from Medical-Grade Material

Our cheek implants are made from Silastic®, while our chin implants are made from either Silastic® or Mersilene® mesh. Both are non-absorbable, soft, medical-grade materials that have been trusted by surgeons for years. This means that you can rest assured your implants will be the safest and most reliable on the market.

Facial Implants Can Complement Other Procedures

In addition to adding volume and definition to the face, one of the main benefits of facial implants is the fact that they can easily be combined with other surgeries. As a result, you can improve the entire look of your face, while only having to handle one recovery period. Both cheek and chin implants can be combined with rhinoplasty or a facelift procedure.

During the facial implant surgery, the implants will be inserted through tiny incisions and, for cheek implants, may be set in place with a small screw. Incisions are made inside the mouth, and absorbable sutures are used.

Your Results Will Be Natural and Beautiful

At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on providing only the most beautiful and natural-looking results possible. For chin augmentation surgery, you can expect a recovery time of about a week. Cheek augmentation surgery may require about two weeks off. During this recovery period, you can expect to see some bruising and swelling. Any sensations of tightness will go down as the swelling decreases. Once you have fully recovered, you can expect to enjoy the results of your procedure for a lifetime.

Choose Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery for Facial Implants

Led by Dr. J. Phillip Garcia, we are proud to offer a variety of facial implant options to restore balance and proportion to your face, and give you the boost of confidence you deserve. Dr. Garcia has performed over 10,000 cosmetic and facial reconstructive procedures. With his recognition as North Florida’s Face Expert since 2001 and his double board certification, he is more than prepared to assist you in achieving the look you desire.
Our office has locations in Jacksonville/Town Center, Julington Creek, Fleming Island, Avondale and Palm Coast. If you have questions and are seeking facial implant advice you can trust, do not hesitate to contact us.