Why Plastic Surgery is Important

 Many people think that plastic surgery is just a means to imitate the exaggerated appearances of celebrities. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though, as plastic surgery provides a way for men and women of all ages to correct their insecurities and even restore the function or wholeness of several areas of the body. For this reason, plastic surgery is an incredibly important field of medicine.

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

Widely considered synonymous terms, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not one and the same. While both specialties are closely related in their goal of improving a patient’s body, their training, research (take out: ,) and goals for patient outcomes contrast greatly. Cosmetic surgery is focused on implementing surgical techniques to improve a patient’s physical appearance, focusing on symmetry, proportion (take out: ,) and aesthetic appeal. Some of its most noted procedures include breast enhancement, facial or body contouring (take out: ,) and skin rejuvenation. In contrast, plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature. Its main concerns are correcting facial and body defects resulting from trauma, disease, birth disorders (take out: ,) and burns. Important life-changing plastic surgery procedures include:Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

  • Hand surgery
  • Scar revision surgery
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn repair surgery
  • Congenital defect repairs such as cleft palates
  • Mohs closure


Apart from repairing physical damage caused by illness and injury, plastic surgery can also play an important role in boosting patients’ self-esteem (take out: , confidence,) and quality of life. Patients seeking to correct a birth defect often worry about how others perceive them when they are out in public. After surgery, they report feeling more comfortable and confident in public situations. Those that undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic benefits report similar feelings of freedom and confidence that even inspire positive changes in diet and exercise habits, leading to a healthier and happier life.

Co-Author of Just Faces, A Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Phillip Garcia is the face expert of North Florida. Having performed over 10,000 cosmetic & reconstructive facial procedures, he and his skilled staff are prepared to offer you their services for any of your facial cosmetic needs. To learn more about the services we provide to the people of Jacksonville, Avondale, and Palm Coast, contact our friendly staff today.



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