Ways to Regrow Your Mane in Jacksonville, FL

Hair loss is one of the most difficult aesthetic changes for men and women to live with and manage. Thinning hair and balding deeply affect one’s self-esteem and sense of being attractive. At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer advanced hair restoration for men and women that help you regrow your hair in the Jacksonville area. The results look completely natural.

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is a cosmetic procedure that will either slow hair loss or stimulates the growth of new hair. It is recommended for men and women who have chronic hair loss that is genetic in nature. Hair loss that is caused by medications, pregnancy, medical conditions, hormonal changes, stress, and other factors may require treatment before performing hair restoration.

What Types of Hair Loss Can Be Treated?

“Pattern baldness” is often thought to be just for men, however, it happens to women as well. Also referred to as Androgenic Alopecia, this condition for women is due to a higher level of testosterone. For men, it is a genetic condition.Ways to Regrow Your Mane in Jacksonville, FL

How is Hair Loss Treated?

We specialize in non-surgical hair restoration treatments. The benefits of this approach are less downtime, discomfort, and scarring compared to hair transplantation techniques. In the case of hair restoration, the new cells build hair shafts. This technique produces new, viable hair that emerges in your natural hair growth pattern. The changes are gradual, so most people will not know that you had a hair restoration procedure.

We also use PDO threads to stimulate blood flow and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which is proven to improve hair growth.

What Should I Expect After the Hair Restoration Treatment?

Hair shafts grow in a specific cycle that ends with shedding. You may notice that some of the new hairs fall out after your treatment. This is normal and indicates that a new hair shaft is emerging in the hair follicle. You can expect the hair to grow at an equal rate as the untreated areas of your scalp.

Learn More About Hair Restoration at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery

Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in minimally-invasive hair restoration treatments for men and women in the Jacksonville area. To learn more about ways we can help you with thinning hair and balding, contact us to schedule a consultation.


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