Sunscreen During Winter: Is It Necessary?

Skin Care Products in Jacksonville, FLAs winter approaches, the temperature drops, even here in North Florida. As the outdoors get cooler, the sun seems less prominent. Is it really necessary to wear sunscreen in the winter months? If you’re serious about protecting yourself from the sun and maintaining the healthy skin you have, the answer is yes. Even in the winter, sunscreens plays a big role in skin protection for a number of reasons.

  1. UVA Rays Aren’t Stopped by Winter Clouds

Winter days can be gray, cloudy and overcast. The sun may not shine as bright as other times of the year. However, harmful UVA rays can still penetrate winter clouds. Unlike UVB rays that are present on sunny days and may not penetrate winter clouds, UVA rays are always present. In fact, the UVA rays that can penetrate winter clouds can also damage deeper layers of the skin. Without protection from these rays, there is a possibility of developing cancerous cells or premature aging.

  1. UVA Rays can Affect You Indoors

Even if you spend your winter months indoors, sunscreen is still a good idea. That’s because UVA rays can penetrate glass. Although UVB rays that are mainly present in the spring and summer months are stopped by glass, the majority of UVA rays can enter a home through windows.

  1. The Ozone Layer Doesn’t Provide as Much Protection in Winter

The ozone layer works as a protective blanket of gas that shields the Earth’s surface from much of the sun’s harmful rays. However, in the winter months in North America, the ozone layer actually thins. This means that more harmful sun rays reach Earth’s surface during this time of year.

  1. During Winter, the Earth is Closest to the Sun

The changing seasons are a result of the axis of our planet. During the winter, while it may seem like we’re farther from the sun, North America is actually the closest it gets to the sun all year. This means that the sun’s rays may be even more prominent during these months, making sun protection even more crucial.

Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen All Year Long

Because the threat of the sun’s rays is prominent all year long, it’s important to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, even in the winter. At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we know what sun damage can do to the skin. We provide skin care products and skin cancer treatments to help both protect against the sun’s damage and reverse damaging effects of the sun. To speak with Dr. Garcia about your sun protection needs, schedule a consultation today.



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