Key Points on Surgical Recovery

Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FLRecovery is an incredibly crucial part of the surgical process, and one that can significantly impact the final results of your procedure. At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of a smooth and timely recovery, in regard to minimizing the impact of treatment on your lifestyle. To ensure our patients experience an optimal recovery process, we’ve outlined a few key points to keep in mind before and during your recovery.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Surprisingly, there is a lot you can do prior to your surgery that can provide you with a smoother recovery process. Most notably, we recommend that patients discontinue smoking and improve their diet a couple days before their procedure. Both of these efforts will help the body to be better equipped to heal and repair after surgery. Additionally, we recommend that patients begin their recommended dosage of Arnica Montana, which is a homeopathic medicine. This comes in pill and cream form, and helps to reduce bruising, swelling and pain. While it is especially effective after surgery, you can get additional benefits by beginning this medication before surgery.

Post-Operative Instructions

After surgery, you’ll want to continue many of the recommendations mentioned above. Additionally, we recommend sleeping with the head elevated, using a cold compress and wearing a compressive garment around the face. All of these efforts will help to reduce bruising and swelling. At Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, we want to help patients achieve the shortest recovery time possible without jeopardizing their results or their health. To do this, we stay in close contact throughout the recovery process, and welcome patients for multiple follow-up visits during their recovery period. By providing continued support and guidance, we are able to help most patients experience a moderate recovery in as little as a two-week period. After this time, they are able to return to all of their desired activities.

Are You Considering Plastic Surgery at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery?

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you can trust Dr. Garcia and the rest of the team at Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. We understand the need for a quick and smooth recovery, and we are focused on providing you with a safe treatment and clear instructions to help you achieve just that in addition to your cosmetic goals. To get started with your treatment and discuss your recovery process, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Garcia.


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