A. Robinson

Dr. Phillip Garcia is a great doctor. When I walk into the office, the office staff calls me by my name! As if I am a long lost relative that they have missed very much. For turning 80 soon, I look absolutely stunning!! Dr. Phillip and his staff have never ceased to make me feel at ease and comfortable with everything. I could not ask for anything more!!

Morgan K.

Dr. Phillip Garcia is very professional and very attentive to my needs. His staff was really good to me each visit to the Gacia Institute. I was very comfortable through the whole procedure. Colleen was very caring and helpful postoperatively. I am very happy with my results and would return to Dr. Phillip Garcia for any future needs.

Mara Walker

Dr. Phillip Garcia is caring and compassionate. I think he really strives to get you the look you want to achieve. The office staff is very helpful, friendly and informative. I am very pleased with my results I relieved at the Garcia Institute.


Dr. Phillip Garcia has facilitated a total transformation of my appearance. I am very grateful for Dr. Garcia’s expertise and care. The staff at the Garcia institute are professional, warm, and welcoming. I am very grateful to the Doctor and his staff because since my procedure I look and feel much more confident and attractive.

Ernest Kimball

Dr. Phillip Garcia is the best plastic surgeon on the planet. His office staff is the nicest in the universe. I am so tickled with my results, I look at least 10 years younger! Maybe even more! His clinical staff answered all my questions, he took his time with me. I would say if you are looking to ‘turn back the clock’… go see Dr. Garcia. You will not be disappointed!!

P. Andersen

Dr. Phillip Garcia is a very professional and thorough. He explained everything in great detail. The results have exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone concerned about improving their appearance.

T. Barron

Dr Phillip Garcia was very thorough in my surgery and in my post op care. He made me feel very comfortable and explained everything to me very well. I am super happy with my result and would recommend him to anyone.

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