Ragan O.

Dr. Phillip Garcia makes you feels relaxed, he talks to you in great detail. He is very thorough. I love him and his staff. I think that he has so much caring with his patients. . Dr. Garcia had a nurse stay with me all night to take care of me, and he follows up closely in the next months

Jesse V.

Dr.Phillip Garcia explained everything in detail and provided 24 hr support during my process. I would highly recommend him as well as his staff.

Q. Simmons

I met Dr. Phillip Garcia and 2weeks later I was able to have my surgery. It was a smooth and fast process, with a great outcome

Dina Gay

Dr. Phillip Garcia is very pleasant, encouraging and kind. My experience was very good.

Great Surgeon

Dr. Phillip is wonderful, very caring and overall a good physician. I am really happy with my results I received at the Garcia Institute. I would definitely refer anyone who is interested in a rhinoplasty. I love the staff and the overall care and experience.

C. Pierce

Dr. Phillip Garcia was very compassionate and caring about his patients. He is a dedicated Doctor within his profession. The staff was wonderful and amazing. My experience was smooth and painless and I had a facelift with eyelid surgery.

Comfortable! Happy!

Dr. Phillip Garcia and the entire staff at the Garcia Institute are wonderful! I had my rhinoplasty a year ago and my life has completely changed. The results are beautiful and boosted my self-confidence. Aside from the comfort during my initial recovery period, Dr. Garcia and the staff have helped me throughout this past year and made this transition an easy one

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