How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Jacksonville, FL


Stretch Marks in Jacksonville FL

Stretch marks develop in the skin when it is forced to adapt to rapid changes in the size of the body. This can happen due to weight gain, and as such, is a common effect of pregnancy. Stretch marks can also develop in children and teenagers as they experience growth spurts, during which they will grow significantly in a short period of time. Although stretch marks are harmless, many people would prefer to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can effectively reduce and even eliminate the appearance of stretch marks.


PDO Threads

PDO threads are dissolvable threads that are frequently used for skin tightening procedures since they are able to lift the skin and then stimulate collagen and elastin production for increased results. PDO threads can also be used to treat stretch marks. This is a minimally-invasive technique that is comfortable, has no downtime and does not leave any scarring. During treatment, the PDO threads are inserted into the skin where they will strengthen the skin tissue. As the body absorbs the threads, it will produce new collagen and elastin. These proteins will then tighten and restore the skin over the weeks and months following treatment. As a result, patients will achieve a permanent reduction in the appearance of stretch marks.

Microneedling via SkinPen®

Microneedling is a versatile rejuvenation treatment that works by stimulating collagen production in the skin. Using the SkinPen® device, tiny punctures are created in the skin’s surface. This triggers the body’s healing response, and the body begins to produce collagen and elastin to heal these small wounds. The tiny injuries made in the skin will heal without any scarring, while the collagen and elastin strengthen the skin and eliminate the appearance of stretch marks. Multiple treatments are typically needed for optimal results, but microneedling can produce noticeable improvements within a few weeks of your first treatment session.

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

Both PDO threads and microneedling are effective solutions for stretch marks. However, the treatment that is best for you may depend on the size and location of your stretch marks, as well as your personal preference. In order to determine the treatment that is best for you, contact Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. We offer these stretch mark treatments to patients living in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the neighboring cities of Florida.


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