Contoura Before and After Pictures in Jacksonville, FL

Contoura Before and After Pictures Jacksonville, FL

Men and women living near North Florida can enjoy facial plastic surgery procedures provided by Dr. Phillip Garcia, a double board-certified reconstructive and facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Garcia leads Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, which boasts several locations convenient to Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, and Lakeside.

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The images on this page show the real results of Contoura treatments, and each individual pictured is an actual patient of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. None of these pictures have been enhanced or altered in any way in order to provide you with a realistic view of Med Spa services and plastic surgery results.

New technology has paved the way for a new procedure that treats facial aging. Contoura Plus allows a surgeon to utilize dermal fillers and a procedure such as a facelift during the same session. This innovative procedure gives the surgeon the opportunity to both correct sunken facial features and tighten loose skin.

The signs of aging in the face are complicated. As we age, we experience sagging due to gravity. At the same time, hollows in the cheeks and around the eyes develop as these areas lose volume. Because Contoura Plus corrects both of these issues at one time, your face will look dramatically younger after only one session!

Contoura Plus combines volume restoration, firming, and tightening to reverse the signs of aging while restoring natural facial contours.