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The aging process of the face is multi-faceted. The facial skin ages due to many different factors such as sun exposure, oxidative damage, medical conditions, or hereditary factors. The descent of superficial muscle(s) of the face and neck are responsible for many of the most apparent signs of aging.

These changes cause the structures of the face to fall in a vertical direction. The vertical effects of gravity on the face can be easily reversed. The other major determinant in facial aging is the loss of volume that occurs in the soft tissues as we grow older.

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  • No Downtime!
  • Immediate, long-lasting results
  • A fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift

In the specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery, much attention has been placed toward the specific effects of volume loss in the aging face. This latest evolution in our specialty has allowed physicians to refine and perfect their results. Solutions intended to address volume loss can be provided as stand alone procedures or procedures performed in conjunction with surgical ones. It is this ubiquitous flexibility that has allowed the Garcia Institute to create Contoura™ and Contoura™ Plus.

Contoura™ reverses the effects of facial aging without surgery

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"I had a facelift with Dr. Roberto Garcia three and a half months ago and could not be any happier. His results are so natural and the incisions aren't even noticeable. He makes you feel like one of the family when you walk into the office and that is so important when having cosmetic facial surgery. I highly recommend dr. Roberto to anyone We are very grateful and thankful to him and his staff."

— C.K.

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What is the Ideal Volume Restoring Method?
Although there are many different ways to replenish facial volume, the ideal revolumizing agent should be cost effective, permanent, minimally invasive, and require little recovery.

What Makes Contoura™ Unique?
Traditional methods of autologous (from the patient’s own body) tissue transfer have yielded mixed results. The largest variation in results is due to tissue resorption (loss) after transfer. Many different formulas and methods have been devised to address this particular problem but none has been as effective as the addition of the patient’s own adult stem cells to the tissue.

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We walk you through all the steps, to put you at ease before you even set foot in our offices.

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Where is Contoura™ Used?
The common areas of facial volume loss are the temples, under eyes, cheeks, folds between the nose and mouth (melolabial folds) , folds below the corners of the mouth (marionette folds) and chin crease areas. As the re-volumizing cells are injected into the different areas, they flatten indentations or fill concavities to give the face a more youthful appearance.